STOP redesigning your website | Shopify Expert Advice

STOP redesigning your website | Shopify Expert Advice

Please STOP redesigning your website.

I see too many DTC brands trying to grow by redesigning their website every other year.

Do this instead:

- Improve your site speed
- Improve your navigation
- Improve your structure
- Improve your copy
- Remove options
- Remove friction
- Remove apps
- Simplify

And only once you have nailed these, start innovating with:

- Loyalty & Memberships
- Upsells & Cross-sells
- Bulk Purchasing
- Subscriptions
- Bundling

But remember: Don't rely on personal opinions.

To understand what works, use A/B or Multivariate Tests, Quantitative Data, and Qualitative Data.

TL;DR: Website design is just the tip of the iceberg. Focus on improving the basics first and then build from there.
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