1. Shopify store setup: This includes the creation of a new Shopify store from scratch, including setting up the basic structure, adding products, customizing the theme, and configuring the payment and shipping options.

  2. Custom theme development: This involves creating a custom theme for a Shopify store to match a specific design or brand aesthetic, including customizing the layout, adding features, and making sure the theme is mobile-responsive.

  3. App integration: This includes integrating third-party apps and plugins into a Shopify store to add new functionality, such as customer reviews, product recommendations, or live chat support.

  4. Store customization: This involves making customizations to an existing Shopify store to improve its functionality and user experience, including adding new features, fixing bugs, or optimizing the checkout process.

  5. Maintenance and support: This includes providing ongoing maintenance and support for a Shopify store, including fixing bugs, updating the theme, and providing technical support for the store owner.

  6. Store migration: This involves moving an existing online store from one platform to Shopify, including transferring products, customers, and data to the new platform.